Process & Timeline

Application Process

St. Catherine School Admission Requirements

Thank your for exploring St. Catherine School for the future of your young student’s education. We have outlined the process and requirements for admission below. If you have any questions please call the office and we are happy to help you through the process.

1. Obtain, complete and return the items listed below to the School Office. An application will not be considered without all items.

  • Complete the online application form
  • Baptismal certificate (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate
  • Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten Evaluation/Recommendation (Gr. K.)
  • Report card and standardized test scores from current elementary or middle school (Gr. 1-7)
  • $50 Registration fee for new applicants

2. Applicant is assessed by St. Catherine personnel.

3. Applying family is interviewed by the St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School Principal.

Acceptance Process

Parents/guardians will be formally notified by letter indicating whether the applicant is or is not accepted for open class spots. If accepted, the applicant will sign a contract and complete necessary paper work. By accepting a position at St. Catherine School, the applicant agrees to do the following:

  1. Abide by the rules of St. Catherine School as stated in the School Handbook.
  2. Pay tuition promptly by the date(s) indicated on the tuition contract
  3. Perform 25 hours of Family Service helping with fundraising, events, auction, room parenting, and other opportunities to participate.
  4. Fund Raisers – Each school family is expected to be supportive of the fund raising projects scheduled throughout the year to the best of their ability. The funds received in addition to tuition are crucial if we are to continue to keep tuition rates well below actual per pupil costs. There are several ways to meet the fundraising goal through scrip, participation in school fundraisers and events or payment of fundraising assessment.

Health Information Requirements

In order to comply with Federal, State and Diocesan regulations, the following information is due to the school office by no later than 30 days prior to the first day of school. For the protection of all children enrolled, no child will be allowed to start classes without proof of current immunizations, a physical exam and TB screening.
Physical Exams

  • Kindergarten: Within 24 months preceding first day of school.
  • First Grade: Must have a physical within the preceding 18 months of the first day of First Grade: This applies to all students – new applicants and current students.
  • Grades 2-8: Transferring students from schools within the Diocese of Oakland or Contra Costa County are not required to have a physical. Health records will be obtained from the transfer school after acceptance.

Current Immunizations and TB Screening. Up-to-date immunizations, as required by Federal/State law are as follows:

  • Polio: A minimum of 3 doses. Four are required if the 3rd dose was given prior to 4th birthday.
  • DPT: A minimum of 4 doses. Five are required if the 4th dose was given prior to 4th birthday.
  • MMR: Two doses are required for Kindergarten and 7th grade entry. A third dose is required if the 1st dose was given prior to 1st birthday.
  • Hepatitis B: Two doses are required for Kindergarten and 7th grade entry. The 3rd dose must be completed according to state regulations.
  • Varicella: Students entering Kindergarten must have one dose, unless they have documentation of the disease.
  • TDap: Tetanus & Diptheria toxoid is required for 7th grade entry if at least 5 years have lapsed since the last dose. Dose must be on or after 10th birthday.
  • Hepatitis A: Recommended for all children in CA, although not mandatory.
  • TB: TB screening done no earlier than six months prior to the first day of school. Acceptable screening is the PPD/Mantoux skin test, a physician statement of “negative symptom screening” or a physician’s statement of “no risk factor”.