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Lumen Christi Academies are devoted to welcoming families from all socio-economic backgrounds to our schools. We believe every child should be able to enroll at LCA to receive a great education in a safe, loving, and faith-filled environment. LCA tuition is considerably lower than the vast majority of private schools in the Bay Area, making them a great value for families. Tuition assistance may be available to close the gap between the total tuition cost and what the family can afford.

Financial Aid, offered by the FACE Grant and the BASIC Fund Scholarship, is based on demonstrated family financial need. These scholarships offer financial assistance with tuition and school fees. Families are required to apply for all available aid (see below) and must reapply each year.

FACTS Grant and Aid Application

Before applying to the FACE Grant and/or the BASIC Fund Scholarship, families must complete the online FACTS Grant and Aid application. A new application must be submitted each school year. Submission of the FACTS application does not guarantee financial aid. Any late or incomplete FACTS applications will not be considered.

Click here to access the FACTS Application

FACE Grant

The Mission of Family Aid Catholic Education (FACE) is to:

FACE Granting Guidelines

Students shall be considered only if they meet all the following minimum criteria:

  1. Maintain eligibility for admission to, or continued attendance at a Catholic school in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland as determined by said school.
  2. Have a completed current year application on record with FACTS Management, a third party company providing financial need assessment.
  3. Have demonstrated qualified financial need as determined through FACTS analysis of information submitted in financial aid application.

Click here to learn more about F.A.C.E

The BASIC Fund Scholarship

The BASIC Fund (Bay Area Scholarships for Inner-city Children) is a privately funded organization providing partial-tuition scholarships to low-income families across the Bay Area, helping them to afford the cost of tuition at a private school of their choice. This program is intended as a helping hand for families enrolling their children at a private school for the first time. The awards are based on household size and income, awarding up to $2,750 of the tuition cost per child each school year.

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