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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees


1. How many students are in each class?

The maximum number of students in any class is 30, however most class averages at 20 students.

2. Tuition and Pre-school rates for 2021-2022:

Tuition rates for 2021-2022:
1 child $7,950.00
2 children $13,640.00
3 children $17,020.00
4 children $19,940.00
Pre-School rates for 2021-2022:
5 Full Days (8am-3pm) $7,650.00 (recommended for 4’s Class)
5 Half Days (8am-12pm) $6,330.00 (recommended for 4’s Class)
3 Full Days (8am-3pm) $6,120.00
3 Half Days (8am-12pm) $5,200.00
2 Half Days (8am-12pm) $4,800.00 (availability may vary)

Tuition may be paid over a ten-month August through May or a twelve month period from June through May. You may also add $45.00 to your tuition to pay-off your Scrip and Fundraising obligations as stated below.

3. What other fees are charged 2021-2022?

Application Fee: $50.00 per child
K-8th Registration Fee: $500.00 per child
Pre-School Registration Fee: $200.00 per child

**You may be subject to other fees at the time of registration**

4. What are the school hours?

For grades K through 8, regular school schedule starts promptly at 7:50 am (M-F), Wednesday dismissal is at 2:15pm. Minimum day dismissal is a 12:00 pm for all grades. For Pre-School regular school hours are 8am to 3pm (Half days 8am to 3pm)

5. Is there child care?

We are very proud of our “Kaleidoscope” extended care program for K-8th. Extended care is available before school beginning at 7:00 am and after school until 6:00 pm. The current hourly rate is $8.00 for one child, $10.00 for two children and $12.00 for three children, and $14.00 for four children. There is a Registration Fee of $50.00 per family after Sept. 1st it becomes $60.00.

6. Is the junior high departmentalized?

Yes! Grades 6-8 are departmentalized and have different teachers for Science, Math, Language Arts; Religion, and Social Studies. We also offer a variety of elective courses each trimester.

7. In addition to the standard academic classes, what other classes are offered at St. Catherine’s?

Choir, field trips, outdoor education trips, community service projects, Junior High electives, and after school Musical Theatre are all offered at St. Catherine’s School.