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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees


1. Tuition and Pre-school rates for 2022-2023:

Tuition rates for 2022-2023:
1 child, $8,270.00
2 children $14,190.00
3 children $17,700.00
4 children $20,740.00
Pre-School rates for 2022-2023:
5 Full Days (8am-3pm) $7,960.00 (recommended for 4’s Class)
5 Half Days (8am-12pm) $6,590.00 (recommended for 4’s Class)
3 Full Days (8am-3pm) $6,370.00
3 Half Days (8am-12pm) $5,410.00
2 Half Days (8am-12pm) $5,000.00 (availability may vary)

Tuition may be paid over a ten-month August through May or a twelve month period from June through May. You may also add $450.00 to your tuition to pay-off your Scrip and Fundraising obligations as stated below.

2. What other fees are charged 2022-2023?

Application Fee: $50.00 per child
K-8th Registration Fee: $500.00 per child
Pre-School Registration Fee: $250.00 per child
K-8th Fundraising / Scrip Profit $450.00 per family

**You may be subject to other fees at the time of registration**

3. Is there child care?

We are very proud of our “Kaleidoscope” extended care program for K-8th. Extended care is available before school beginning at 7:00 am and after school until 6:00 pm. The current hourly rate is $8.00 for one child, $10.00 for two children and $12.00 for three children, and $14.00 for four children. There is a Registration Fee of $50.00 per family after Sept. 1st it becomes $60.00.

4. Is the junior high departmentalized?

Yes! Grades 6-8 are departmentalized and have different teachers for Science, Math, Language Arts; Religion, and Social Studies. We also offer a variety of elective courses each trimester.